About Us

We, at Keeva Technologies (www.keeva.in), are committed to deliver products of information of value to the customers through web and mobile apps.

The idea of developing SchoolCircuit struck when we ourselves faced the problem-when we had to visit the schools physically to collect information about the school, when the schools didnt allow us to take a tour around, when the schools didnt reveal the fees on phone-we were left with no option but to visit the school and collect the information, talk to friends and find the best suited school for our kid. And had to do this process every-time we changed our location.

It was tiring, and time-consuming. But since it was important, we were compelled to do it and had no choice.

Thats when we decided to help other parents to find best suited school for their kids.

Our Team

Sweta Samota


Has 9+ years of extensive experience in product development.
Also a dance enthusiast and a writer.

Yogita Bhosale

(Data Expert)

Always Smiling, Young and dynamic.
A TV fanatic.

Satish Bathini

(Data Collector )

Positivity & Hard work is in his genes!
A movies and music lover.

What does SchoolCircuit provide ?

Finding the best suited school consists of few steps

Find the schools in the location of your choice - either near your home or your workplace. You can do this by selecting type of school, city and the location. Then click search. The list of schools is displayed.

Find the admission criteria of the school and see that your kid is eligible to apply.

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