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Seven Ways to break the TV Habits

Posted on August 3, 2016 at 11:25 am

child reading image Seven Ways to break the TV Habits Watching too much TV in toddlers / kids can have hazardous affects on their physical and mental development. Here are some tips to break the bad TV watching habits in toddlers / kids:
  1. Limit the amount of TV watching time in a day: Try to put an upper limit on time your child spends in front of TV each day. Watching TV for long periods of time is not good for brain development. It can also have an effect on the eyes resulting in need of glasses.
  1. Take kids out in the fresh air: Taking your children out of home in the fresh air is good for their health. Take them for a walk along the side of a canal; take along some food items like bread slices to feed the ducks. Kids love such activities and look forward to go out instead of sitting at home and watching TV.
  1. Create opportunities of interaction with other kids: Encourage your children to play and interact with other kids of their age to develop their social and communication skills. You can create such opportunities by taking them to playgrounds, children's centres or simply visiting your friends.
  1. Share books with kids: Sharing books with children encourage early reading skills. Books are a wealth of knowledge and good reading skills will go a long way. Also, read stories to them. It will help building up their imagination in addition to increased vocabulary and good conversational and language skills.
  1. One-to-one play with kids: Play with your children on a one-to-one basis. Sit down with them on the floor to make floor puzzles. Build something with them using building blocks to develop imaginative play. Engage them in turn-taking games like rolling the ball etc.
  1. Encourage outdoor play and exercise: Encourage your children to go for outdoor play. It is very important for their physical development. They should run, jump and climb to develop their gross motor skills. Other outdoor play and activities include cycling, swimming etc.
  1. Assign little tasks and Reward: Assign them little tasks, like tidying up their own room, and reward them accordingly. This will help develop a sense of responsibility in your children. Rewarding them will reinforce this positive behaviour and they would be willing to take up new tasks.