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Monsoon Accidents

Posted on June 20, 2015 at 12:56 pm

Thanks to my habit of moving and giving clothes and shoes a jerk before I use irrespective of the season :)  .

When I was small, I saw lizards hiding in clothes hung on the wall stand. Lizards would enter from behind when anyone sat on the floor. It was fun and scary too. I have found them in my clothes and my sibling's too. So, from that time, I always moved and twitched my clothes before folding them.
Its pouring in Mumbai. My kid returned from school and used a raincoat to shield herself from rains. When home, I hung the raincoat outside in the passage. Today, out of habit, I gave a jerk to the raincoat before folding it and what I found was terrifying (inspite of seeing lizards falling in my childhood).

This hairy insect / worm jumped outside and moved on the floor.


I have heard stories of kids falling sick, getting bitten by such insects/worms unknowingly. I have also heard kids getting poisoned because of sheer negligence.

So, this monsoon, get little vigilant. When putting things, making your child wear clothes or footwear, move them, give a jerk and ensure nothing is inside them. Even if they were inside a closet, its always better to be cautious.

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