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Love Language of Kids

Posted on July 22, 2015 at 5:24 am

Love language of kids

Every kid is unique and so is their expression of love. While some can be more vocal towards expressing love for parents and other family members, some show cute little gestures, indicative of their pure feelings. Kids feel secure knowing you are there for them, and your availability is vital to their well-being.
Children are pure creatures with no fuss, no mind games. Their feelings are genuine and straight from the heart. Unlike adults they are unaware of impressing others.
At times, one may experience some of the strangest love gestures from kids, but some which most of the kids show are:
  • Throwing tantrums:

    Kids are smart these days and they will demonstrate tantrums to only those who can willingly or forcefully fulfil it. To a stranger, your kid will never show tantrums as he is aware that any of it will not affect stranger. Parents on the other hand succumb to the tantrums and fulfil demands. This way children tell parents: you belong to me and I should mean the world to you!
  • Cuddling and snuggling:

    Just when you low or tensed about something, your kid plops herself down on your lap, snuggles closely, and leans her head onto your shoulder. She looks up at you with a sparkle in her eye and a sweet smile. As much as kids do things to show their independence, they also need to refuel in the comfort of Mommy or Daddy's arms. When your child cuddles with you, they showing that she/he knows you are always there to provide comfort. This is their active way of saying "I love you." This confident display of love can be the best part of your day.
  • Carrying along transitional objects:

    Some kids have stuffed animal or blanket that goes where they go. Others take different objects each time they leave the house. These transitional objects (or loveys) represent you and your love, especially in your absence. Your child loves you so much that she wants to keep you close. These objects help your toddler feel safe, "A piece of you is with her. That gives her security." These transitional objects help her be away from you while still keeping you close by.
  • Show off!:

    kids divulge in showing off very often, which may include showing new dress worn, new word learned, colouring new page or doing anything out of the routine. The show off is only with parents or extended families living together. It is purely out of “love” for elders that kids want to share their joy with. My son loves to tell his grandma what new word he is learning. Children take pride in the appreciation received and feel more confident and supported by elders.
  • Demanding quality time:

    Every one demands quality time of their loved ones, and kids specially need it more than anyone else. While elders may not be able to demand this time, kids surely know how to demand and make most of it. They may be with mommy whole day long but as soon as they see daddy, they demand personalised time without any disturbance. As soon as my husband gets back home from work, my son will drag him to his toys room to play for an hour. This kind of authority is shown by kids on their loved ones only and is a representation of their affection.
As much as kids love making new discoveries, they also love exuberantly sharing with you the joy as a way of showing their love and trust. In sharing such joys and pleasures with you, your child feels good about themselves because of a reminder that "Mommy and Daddy always love me!". Make the most of this time as this will never come back.