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Kid having stomach ache?

Posted on June 25, 2015 at 6:24 am


I have stomach ache Mom!


My stomach is paining Mummy...


I dont want to go to school :(


Can you pick me early from school??

Its just the time to go to school and my kid starts complaining of stomach ache. Does this happen with you too? How do we figure out if its pain due to nervousness or pain due to stomach infection.
I follow theses steps -
1. Probably kid is nervous to leave you. So, Assure your child that its school where we have lot of fun and after the school is done, mummy will pick you up. Or some family member will pick you. Its all fine and you will be feel better when you get into the habit.
2. When kid is back home, talk about the school and activities done in school. How many times the child urinated and if he has any discomfort after passing urine. If yes, it could be a stomach infection.
3. Talk about class and try to find out if anyone is bullying the child due to which he is getting anxious.
4. If the child is constipated, then also, he can get aches in stomach.
5. IF the child is fine at home with you and doesnt complain of stomach ache, then its clear that he is anxious staying away from you. So, you need to coach the child and assure him.
Talking to your child and spending time with him is very important. Develop self-confidence is part of it. Once the child gets over with the insecurity, the stomach ache will disappear.
Love, assurance and spending time with your child will help!